Thursday, February 5, 2015

What in the world is H & R???

H & R... Hmmm, is it a British clothing store?  A new medical procedure?  An indie rock band? A California start-up?  None of the above. In South Sudan, H & R means only one thing: Hope and Resurrection Secondary School, a secure place where girls can board and study. 

H & R, located in Atiaba, is one of MBB's 2 new partnering schools in South Sudan (the other is Mazzolari Memorial HS in Rumbek).  H & R was founded by an American couple, is led by a S.Sudanese Headmaster, and is staffed by well-trained Ugandan teachers. In the photo, three of Mercy Beyond Borders' ten female H & R Scholars proudly hold their most recent academic report cards. 

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