Thursday, July 28, 2016

Emmanuel on Radio Emmanuel

It isn't every day that you get grabbed off the street and invited to be the guest on a call-in radio show.  But that's what happened to Emmanuel Dan Apeu-O, the Director for MBB projects in E. Africa.  

When the producer for Radio Emmanuel (no relation) in Torit, South Sudan, realized that our own Emmanuel was passing through town, he immediately cajoled him into hosting a live evening broadcast. In fact, the session lasted several hours!  Listeners called in with many questions about MBB and about our scholarship program in particular, because such an opportunity is truly rare and wonderful for young women in South Sudan. 

Thank you, Emmanuel, for spreading the word about MBB on Radio Emmanuel!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hangin' with the Chair

MBB's scholars in South Sudan were surprised and delighted when Theresa Samuel-boko, the Board Chair of MBB, joined them for their 2016 Leadership Week.

Seen here surrounded by happy scholars in Eldoret, Theresa (third from right, in blue and white) fit right in. Theresa was born in what is now South Sudan during the long war. She has a master's degree and manages the refugee resettlement program at Catholic Charities in San Jose.  She's a wonderful role model for these young S.Sudanese women currently studying in Africa with MBB Scholarships. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer Camp in Haiti

Haitians who attend high school might take English language classes, but few ever become fluent because Kreyol, French and Spanish are much more dominant on the island. To give MBB students a boost in acquiring English skills, our first ever English Language Camp is underway now in Haiti. 40 of our top students are spending two weeks of their summer vacation immersed in the maddening intricacies of spoken and written English.  

Assisting our Scholarship Coordinator Valki Anderson (left) and hoisting Country Director Elisa Divoux to new heights are an intrepid team of volunteers from the States: Janine ter Kuile, Alyssa Frommeyer, teacher Lindsay Cummings, and Mary & Craig Noke. Looks as if they will definitely make the Summer Camp fun! 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Happy Reunion

Sr Susan, surrounded happily by her former charges

Sister Susan has been the Matron caring for the young boarders (3 yrs old through 8th grade) at St Bakhita Girls' Primary School for longer than anyone can remember. She stayed through the dangers of the long civil war. She stayed when the school was bombed. She stayed even after she was ambushed (two separate times) on the dangerous roads of South Sudan -- ambushes which killed another passenger and wounded the driver.  She has stayed through thick and thin. Why?  Because she loves the girls and wants them, against all odds, to have an education.  

Last month Sr Susan had a happy reunion with six of her former students: Keni Shanas, Palma Joy Samson, Margaret Akoo, Angel Christine Karama, and Nakele Cecilia Lokibe. All are now studying at university on MBB Scholarships. They came together for MBB's annual Leadership Conference in Eldoret, Kenya, Lots of hugs and memories and laughter!  I'm rather sure Sr Susan felt like a proud grandmother....