Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Anna Mijji, Sudanese Workshop Leader

This photo shows Anna Mijji and two friends heading to "the mall" in Narus, on their way to purchase food supplies for the weekend health promotion workshops which they conduct in the rural villages.  They are crossing the wadi (dry riverbed) to get to the Dinka Market stalls on the far side of Narus town.  In the market they may find butchered goat shanks hanging from a large hook, fresh onions, pounded maize, not-so-fresh tomatoes or cabbage trucked in from Kenya, as well as staples such as soap, salt, and cooking oil imported from neighboring countries. Sr. Kathleen Connolly, the California Mercy Sister who started the health promotion project and trained Anna, will return to S. Sudan in July to formally transition the project to the Sudanese women to continue through 2011.  CONGRATS to Anna for her local leadership of this effort to improve maternal/child health among the Toposa women.

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