Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When is a speaker not a speaker?

Q.  When is a speaker not a speaker?
A.  When she fails to show up for the event!

Such was my situation on Friday, May 14th, when I was trying to fly to Omaha for a Mercy Beyond Borders fundraiser.  Bad weather shut down the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport for 4 hours, stranding 50,000 travelers, myself included.  By the time I reached Omaha in the wee hours of Saturday morning, the event was long over.  Its organizers, Mercy Sisters Johanna Burnell and Jeanne O'Rourke and Mercy Associate JoMarie Guastello, had nonetheless graciously hosted 35 people in my absence, showed the guests the 5-minute MBB video, told them about our work in S. Sudan, and elicited over $3,500 in donations for our projects.  So, who needs me as a speaker????  Thank you, Johanna, Jeanne and JoMarie!

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