Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Rare and Unusual Scene

The scene:
Four girls relaxing during school recess. To be more specific, four young girls playing a version of "jacks" without stones or bouncing ball. 

What's so rare and unusual about that?  Let me count the ways: 
1.  These girls are enrolled in school. It's very rare for girls in South Sudan to be in school.
2.  These girls are relaxing. Not hauling water or collecting firewood. Not scrubbing clothes. Not cooking. Not carrying younger siblings.  No, these girls are enjoying some "down time" with friends. Back in their villages, you would rarely see a female --even a very young one -- relaxing.
2.  These girls are playing; yes, actually playing. If you traveled around S.Sudan, you would think that play is reserved only for boys and men: they wrestle, engage in sports, sit around playing dominoes.  Girls work and work and work.

MBB delights in supporting girls' education. For girls in S.Sudan being in school means much more than classroom learning. Being in school gives them a chance to be children, to recognize their dignity, to develop into whole persons. And it's wonderful to see them play!

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