Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer Camp in Haiti

Haitians who attend high school might take English language classes, but few ever become fluent because Kreyol, French and Spanish are much more dominant on the island. To give MBB students a boost in acquiring English skills, our first ever English Language Camp is underway now in Haiti. 40 of our top students are spending two weeks of their summer vacation immersed in the maddening intricacies of spoken and written English.  

Assisting our Scholarship Coordinator Valki Anderson (left) and hoisting Country Director Elisa Divoux to new heights are an intrepid team of volunteers from the States: Janine ter Kuile, Alyssa Frommeyer, teacher Lindsay Cummings, and Mary & Craig Noke. Looks as if they will definitely make the Summer Camp fun! 

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