Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Skinny on the Loo

People who know that I travel back and forth to South Sudan will usually, eventually, circumspectly clear their throats and inquire, "What kind of, er, bathrooms are available?"  Maybe this is just an American preoccupation, but toileting does seem to crop up in these conversations more than you might imagine.  So, to save you the awkwardness of bringing it up in polite company, here's the skinny on loos in Narus, South Sudan.

The standard outhouse toilets at the Narus guest compound are cement-floored, long-drop holes. Immaculately clean by day, but swarming with frightful spiders and roaches by night.  (Plan your fluid intake accordingly.)  For those who don't take to squatting, there is one stall containing a wooden toilet seat built over the hole, complete with wooden cover. Comfie, but there is that moment of dread when lifting the cover to check for "wildlife" beneath.  

Of course, if you are not at such a lovely guest house, anything goes in the elimination department. There you have it. Any questions?

Photos by 2014 MBB volunteer Max Markusen

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