Thursday, May 9, 2013

Poko fini, deja tonbe.

 Poko fini, deja tonbe.  That's Haitian Creole for "Not yet finished, already collapsed."  Haitian proverbs communicate a certain wry humor amid the suffering that has so often been their lot in life.

I’m currently reading Amy Wilentz’s latest book on Haiti, intriguingly titled FAREWELL, FRED VOODOO. It’s a post-quake meandering through complex realities: the tortured history of foreign interventions on the island, the resume-building do-gooders flooding Port-au-Prince now alongside the seasoned development experts, the resilience of ordinary Haitians, the humor and the horror of reconstruction gone wrong.  Some are questioning where all the money has gone, 3 years after the quake, when so many remain homeless and jobless.

MBB believes its decision NOT to work in Port-au-Prince, but rather in the rural mountains half-a-day’s drive to the north of the capital, allows us to have greater impact. Ask the 53 girls currently on MBB scholarships there: they will tell you that MBB is the best thing ever to come into their lives.

I'll be returning to Haiti  for the week of May 20th to meet with staff and Scholars and to make certain that your donations are being well-spent! 

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