Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gate 46

This morning I am sitting at Gate 46 in the Delta terminal at SFO. There is nothing unusual about this. Today, I’m headed to Minnesota to give several presentations about Mercy Beyond Borders. Next week, it will be Michigan.  Then Ohio. Then Haiti. In between the trips, I spend a few days in California, working at the MBB office , catching up on correspondence, meeting with colleagues--or doing laundry.
 In truth, I am not what you would call a good traveler: My stomach doesn’t like “weather.” The dry recirculated air in the planes causes bouts of sneezing sufficient to alarm my seatmates. And sitting is my least favorite position. Despite this, I am happy. Every trip means more people hearing about our MBB mission . Every new listener is a potential ally.  Every new ally brings resources to improve the lives of women and girls in S.Sudan and Haiti. What’s not to like? 

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