Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Even if you're nobody, here you are somebody!"

Sr Mary Mumu, organizer of the women's literacy classes sponsored by MBB in South Sudan, visits the women in Maleng Agok.  The weather is oppressively hot, the roads miserably rutted, the housing nothing but thatch-and-mud.  There are no 7-11's along the way to get a refreshing drink. There are no stationery stores to pick up class supplies.  Yet she manages not only to find and hire good teachers but also to motivate the women to participate in these late afternoon classes as a "break" in their long workdays.  Even more important than learning the alphabet, the women learn here that they are human beings with dignity and gifts, equal to their husbands, and with talent to contribute to the new nation.  As one of the women said, "Even if you are nobody, here you are somebody!"

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