Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cyber-Master Emmanuel

Besides having nearly 20 years' experience working in S.Sudan, speaking 5 local languages, having a master's degree in finance administration and a strong background in IT, Brother Emmanuel Dan demonstrated during the 2012 MBB Scholars' Leadership Training week that he is also an accomplished teacher. After setting up 21 laptops in the learning hall, configuring them all, installing typing software, wiring them elaborately to work via generator, and then covering them with bedsheets to keep away the dust and the bugs overnight, Emmanuel unveiled his learning lab on the first morning of the workshop. The participating Scholars gave their full attention despite the heat and the crowded conditions, eager to learn. For many it was their first time to see a computer up close or touch a keyboard. For all it was their first organized exposure to lessons in Windows, Word and the internet. Even after their daily 3-hour session, the scholars didn't want to leave--the highest compliment any class can give a teacher.  Amazingly, teaching computer skills is merely Brother Emmanuel's side job: his full time role is to coordinate MBB's Women's Micro-Enterprise programs in S.Sudan.  MBB certainly has expert staff!

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