Thursday, November 1, 2012

"For All the Saints..."

November 1st is traditionally ALL SAINTS DAY, a time for honoring those whose radiance lights their corner of the world and whose other-centered living inspires us to greater goodness.  This year Mercy Beyond Borders salutes BRIGITTE DECRE, a wonderful, longtime volunteer and MBB supporter who died several months ago, much too young. Born in France, she was a pixie of a person with a huge heart. Always sparkly-eyed. Always interested in others. Always generous with her time and treasure.  Brigitte loved the outdoors: hiking, biking, gardening, swimming.  She avoided the spotlight herself, but stayed busy behind the scenes making good things happen for others.  And this she did while battling cancer for more than a decade.  Even death could not stop her magnanimity: during her funeral in France, her family and friends collected over a $1,000 in donations for Mercy Beyond Borders. Love is truly stronger than death!  Brigitte, thank you, thank you, for gracing us with your presence.

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