Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Joy of Cooking

Never mind what Julia Child said: in my life "cooking" and "joy" don't honestly go in the same sentence. Many a day I come home a bit tired after work and wish I didn’t have to cook dinner. Of course, dinner at my place usually consists of about 10 minutes of micro-waving, chopping up a few raw veggies, and throwing together a salad from  mixings already chilling in the fridge. 

Preparing a meal in South Sudan takes considerably more work.  Haul the water. Find Firewood. Build a fire (dust off those Boy Scout skills!). Boil the water. Grind the grain. Stir. The process takes hours. Looking at this photo of the cook at St Bakhita Girls' School preparing the one daily meal for 400 girls, I resolve once again never to complain about my paltry domestic chores….

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