Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Isn't she lovely?

I snapped this photo back in 1998 in Kakuma Refugee Camp--a barren, dusty corner of northern Kenya desert that was the artificial home for 82,000 refugees.  On this particular day a small dark cloud swept across the sky, bringing a sudden welcome downpour.  Everyone ran out from their mud-and-thatch huts, lifted their faces to this gift from the heavens, and began dancing in the rain.

This young girl, perhaps 4 yrs old, appeared at my side, wearing only a gunny sack. With her sweet smile and her skin glistening from the fresh rain, she was as beautiful as a queen.

That was 14 yrs ago. Where she is now, I do not know. But I dearly hope she has had a chance for education.  That is my hope for all young girls around the world, but especially in places like South Sudan where primary education is only now becoming a real possibility for females.  Mercy Beyond Borders is happy to be part of that change--as welcome as unexpected rain in a desert place.

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