Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Is Her Future?

Look at the face of this young girl whose picture I took in Narus, South Sudan, two months ago.  Wearing a cotton cloth and plastic beads, she is as beautiful as a queen arrayed in gold and silk. Undoubtedly she lives in a hut made of sticks and mud, with a dirt floor and surrounded by a ring of thorny branches to keep out the wild animals at night.  Her ethnic group, the Toposa, are semi-nomadic. They travel widely with their goats and cattle. They rarely allow any of their daughters to enroll in school.

But this girl is in Narus town today, where she sees other girls enrolled at St Bakhita School--girls learning to read, playing in the school yard, having a meal every day.  So, what is she thinking? And what is her future?

Mercy Beyond Borders hopes the day will come soon when EVERY girl in South Sudan can go to school, can develop her gifts, can contribute to the new country as an educated woman.  Thanks to you, we now have Toposa girls on full academic scholarships. Thanks to you, they have hope!

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