Friday, January 20, 2012

Fraud Attack on Mercy Beyond Borders

I am Sr Marilyn Lacey writing this blog with some upsetting news: This week we experienced Mercy Beyond Borders' "15 min of fraud."  Perhaps it was inevitable that someone in cyberspace would try to hijack our good reputation and fundraising base; well, it happened on Monday.  An impostor set up a fake FaceBook site using my name and photo and pretending to represent Mercy Beyond Borders, asking readers to send money via Western Union to a man in Kampala.  Anyone who responded was then sent an email purporting to be from me, giving details on sending the money. FaceBook quickly shut down the false page, but not before several good-hearted MBB supporters sent money. Aaargh.  

The impostor may try again, so beware.  I would NEVER ask you to send money to an individual.  All of our fundraising is directly to Mercy Beyond Borders.

Here is the FALSE info used by the impostor: [note the misspelling of my name]  [we've asked Google to shut this down, but are not sure it will be done]

Here is the CORRECT info:

Please write me ( if you notice any further suspicious activity.  Thanks!

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