Monday, August 15, 2011

What is she thinking?

What is she thinking, this lone Sudanese woman sitting in the dust in front of her mud-and-stick home in the outskirts of Mapuordit?  Is she content with her gray striped blanket and blue plastic bucket and the fly whisk in her hand?  Is she having health problems? Is she worrying how she will find food for her children?  Does she wish she had had the chance to go to school? Does she ever wonder about the world beyond her village?

I do not know what this woman is thinking, but I know what I am thinking: my life is tied to hers. We are kin. Now that we are connected I can make a difference in her life, as she is making a difference in mine.  She is helping me to think globally.  She is helping me to stretch my own heart to broader horizons.  She is helping me to extend mercy beyond borders.

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