Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sr.Edvine, Principal of St Bakhita Girls' Primary School in Narus, Sudan, recently spent 3 weeks in California. Since it was her first trip outside of East Africa, all of it was new to her.  She participated in a workshop with 35,000 others at the Anaheim Convention Center, she saw the vast farms of the California's Central Valley, she enjoyed Mexican food, she visited local elementary schools, she toured a teacher resource center, she met with donors, she even saw SNOW at Lake Tahoe.  When I asked her what the most amazing part of her visit had been, however, she immediately replied, "The roads."  Never had she traveled on such smooth roads. Never had she been able to cover a distance of hundreds of miles in a few short hours.  "Oh," she said, "if only Sudan had such roads!"  

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