Sunday, March 20, 2011

From huts to classrooms to careers

When I say that living in Sudan is "sort of like camping, only with more spiders and scorpions," I mean it.  Nearly all of South Sudan's people live in rural settings, usually with only the barest necessities for survival.  For girls, the leap from such a place to an elementary school is huge; to stay in school long enough to attend high school is rare.  And the odds against being able to enroll in a university are astronomical.  Mercy Beyond Borders is trying to change those odds through the promotion of girls' education and the provision of scholarships to the best female students.

The village shown in this photo, for example, produced a young woman who is now an MBB scholar in a Nursing College.  Three cheers for Debora!  She was pulled out of 9th grade by her family to be married to an older man; they subsequently had two children, but Debora never relinquished her dream of finishing school. Finally, at age 21 she returned to high school and later graduated (the only female in her class of 70).  MBB then provided a full scholarship so that Debora could pursue her dream of becoming a nurse.  We salute you for your courage, Debora!

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