Thursday, December 16, 2010

Everyone Lost Something

While meeting with the women in the village of Nacipo, I noticed one person who had only one arm. She was painstakingly sewing beads onto a goatskin skirt, using her one arm and her teeth to thread the needle and pull it through the tough skin.  I asked the project leader, Anna Mijji, about this woman's story and was told that during the civil war, soldiers had come and shot her husband dead. She grabbed the gun and killed six of the men before being shot herself. That is how she lost her arm.  “War,” she shrugged.  “Everyone lost something.”

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  1. I was extremely touched by this picture and then I read the story and it amazed me further.
    Just today I bought one of Marilyn's books in Enniskillen N. Ireland as a Christmas present...and I'm asking myself questions.
    Thank you, blessings on all your work.
    Catherine Gibbons rsm