Thursday, April 30, 2009

You may hold the key

When I snapped this photo in S. Sudan last year, I was focused on the peacefulness of the scene, the bright stripes of the blanket draped on the young man walking along the dusty path and the colorful gourd he was carrying in his left hand. Only later did I notice the head of a small girl popping up from the basket on the donkey.

Now as I look at this picture, I wonder, "What will be the future of this young girl?" Will she end up --like so many girls in S. Sudan today--hauling water and firewood all her days, toiling by hand to grow a patch of vegetables, mothering a family, perhaps dying in childbirth? (Sudan has the highest mortality rate in the world during labor and delivery.)

Or will this girl be given the chance to enroll in formal education? If she does go to school, her options will be vastly expanded beyond her village hut. And her own children will be fewer in number, healthier, and better educated. Your gift to Mercy Beyond Borders raises her chances.
You may hold the key to her future!

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  1. I read your book some months ago after it was suggested by Rich McCarty. I've now suggested it to many.

    In my daily generation of bodhicitta that come before my mantra practice I sometimes find that I'm tired or that my body hurts and the focus of generating this merit seems hard and without fail I think of the refugees and I cry. You have introduced me to entire peoples without us ever sharing a glance.

    May your work bring and end to all suffering for all sentient beings and may any merit I earn do so as well.

    Thank you.